Dear members of The Korea Institute of Information and Communication Engineering


  An eventful year has passed and a new one has come. As we all know 2014 is year of horse. The horse symbolizes personal drive, passion and spiritual energy. This year I hope to see you all thriving for further development of personal, as well as our institutes growth, as passionate as a horse. Additionally, during my time as the president of our institute, I plan to devote myself in improving these following this year.

  Firstly, I will make a effort to establish foundation of growth of our institute through internationalization. Registration of SCOPUS is not the main goal of JICCE. We will pursue to achieve a foothold into registering SCI which will assist our debut for our institute to be internationally acknowledged. As well as this, in order to improve the quality of published thesis, an extension of not only quantity but also the quality must be achieved.

  Secondly, I will accomplish steadiness of JKIICE and domestic conferences. These are the important however the fundamental growth factors which contributes to the development of our institute. In 2013 the institute held a large scale of reediting to publish an advanced quality of JKIICE and this year we have to continue our achievement. Furthermore, I will make the domestic conference a place of joyful meeting for members.

  Lastly, I will endeavor to create a joyful organization. The past former presidents have led us into a familial work field compared to other associations and I too, shall continue his motto. I will make our organization to work together in a harmony.

  In order to achieve these following I need your active contribution and understanding. There is a saying make haste slowly. As irony as it may logically sound, it means to take a step at a time, but in a haste. In other words, be haste but also acknowledge why we are doing it for. I ask for your assistants in developing our association into a stronger and smarter institute. Ideally, I wish everyone a happy new year.

  Thank you!   
                                                       Jan. 01. 2014
      President of the Korean Institute of Information and Communication Engineering 

                                                                              Kwang Back Kim