International Journal of  Information and Communication Engineering (IJICE) is dedicated to dissemination of research results from the field of maritime information and communication Engineering, and their applications. The journal welcomes archival research papers, technical papers, surveys, and short papers. Current areas of interest include, but are not limited to, theories and/or applications pertaining to scientific and engineering domains.

Each technical activity group consists of a technical expert manager, technical expert members. All members may choose a technical activity and participate according to their own interests. The activity group has been changed, united, subdivided and newly created to meet new technology and research trends. The JICCE has 6 technical activity group. Activities in each group include the following interested fields.

  • Communication System and Applications
    Next Generation Mobile and Wireless Communications
    Microwave and Broadcasting
    Underwater and Optical Communication
    Communications Signal Processing
    Information Communications Administration and Policy

  • Networking and Services
    Data Communications and Network
    Ubiquitous Sensor Network
    Database and Internet Applications
    Network Security

  • Intelligent Information System
    Artificial Intelligence and  System
    Information and Systems Security
    Computational Intelligence
    Neural Networks
  • Multimedia/Digital Convergence
    Multimedia Service and Applications 
    Computer Graphics and Applications
    Digital Contents
    Computer System

  • Semiconductors and Communication Devices
    Semiconductors Design
    Analog/Digital Circuit Design
    Devices and Materials
    Optical Devices

  • Imaging and Biomedical Engineering
    Image Processing and Computer Vision
    Image Signal Processing
    Bionano and Bioinformatics
    Healthcare Systems