Paper Title Author(s) Organization(s)
Best Paper An Efficient LSTM and GRU based Smart Vessel Trajectory Prediction using AIS Data Junaid Khan, Umar Zaman, Eunkyu Lee, Jaebin Ku, Sanha Kim, and Kyungsup Kim Chungnam National University, Samsung Heavy Industries
An Enhanced Post-hurricane Building Damaged Detection Guangxing Wang, Gwanghyun Jo, and Seong-Yoon Shin Jiujiang University, Hanyang University, Kunsan National University
Paper Title Author(s) Organization(s)
Korean Smart Healthy City Platform Design: Integrating Big-Thick Data with Ethical Considerations Inyong Jeong, Byeongsu Kim, Jin-Hyun Park, and HwaMin Lee Korea University College of Medicine
Design of Auto sKORing: An Auto Scoring Application for Foreigners Learning Korean Speaking Aria Bisma Wahyutama, Yunsu Kim, Mintae Hwang, and Jongwon Seok Changwon National University
A Study on Extracting Climate Factors to Affect Forage Crops Production and Building an Electromagnetic Climate Map Moonsun Shin, Taein Kang, Juyeon Kim, Syungyoun Moon, and Gayeon Park Konkuk University
Indoor Positioning by Double Deep Q-Network in VLC based Office Environment Sung-Hyun Oh and Jeong-Gon Kim Tech University of Korea
Recommendation Model with U-Net Architecture for Preference Prediction DaeHan Ahn and Dongsup Jin University of Ulsan
Extended Hopping-Pattern Design for Multiple-Access Systems Jaeyun Jeong, Haeun Kim, and Jin-Ho Chung University of Ulsan
A research of estimating fish harvest quantity techniques Yonghoon Kim, Kyeongmin Lee, and Young-Woon Woo Silla University, Dong-Eui University