Welcome Message

사단법인 한국정보통신학회 회장 신 성 윤

Dear scholars and experts,

On behalf of the Conference Committee, I welcome you to ICFICE2023, the 15th International Conference on Future Information and Communication Engineering, to be held from January 10 to 13, 2023 at the Horizon Hotel in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

Even though the middle of 2022 has passed, the entire human society is still fighting the coronavirus. At one time, the zealous pursuit of eradicating the virus with the goal of ending the corona virus turned out to be human arrogance. Now, it is a daunting situation to find a solution that can coexist while dealing with this virus within a stable management range. It is still too early to know exactly where the COVID-19 pandemic will start and how far it will spread. However, it is clear that this pandemic. Therefore, it is necessary to take a new approach across all fields of order, system, culture, and lifestyle created by humans. Therefore, our society must also advance successfully in the IT field.

As the General Chair of ICFICE2023, notable papers were published here, and I am pleased to share the research results with surrounding researchers as several papers have been published in related SCI and SCOPUS journals such as MDPI, JICT, and JICCE. We would like to thank the Program Committee and Organizing Committee members, keynote speakers, judges and authors who contributed to the success of this conference. I hope this conference is meaningful and happy for you.

Dr. & Prof. Seong-Yoon Shin
General Chair of ICFICE2023.