Paper Title Author(s) Organization(s)
Blockchain for storing and protecting healthcare data using Hyperledger Fabric Muhammad Usama Abid, Md Ariful Islam Mozumder, Muhammad Mohsan Sheerazand, and Hee-Cheol Kim Inje University
Paper Title Author(s) Organization(s)
Research on the Use of Artificial Intelligence for the Analysis of Unstructured Data Young-Bong Ko and Dae-woo Park Hoseo Graduate School of Venture
Prime Number based Energy Efficient Scheduling Methods for Wireless Sensor Networks Jong-Hoon Youn, Woosik Lee, and Teuk-Seob Song University of Nebraska at Omaha, Social Security Information Service, Mokwon University
E-commerce Service with IoT-based Capacity Information Collection of the Recyclables JinSe Park, Aria Bisma Wahyutama, Mintae Hwang, and Hoon Lee Changwon National University
Forecasting of dissolved oxygen for Anyang Stream based on ANN-XGB Gwanghyun Jo, Keun Young Lee, and Seong-Yoon Shin Kunsan National University, Sejong University
Investigation of Electrical Coupling of Monolithic 3-Dimensional Ternary Inverter Cell Consisting of Feedback Field-Effect Transistors Jong Hyeok Oh and Yun Seop Yu Hankyong National University
Development of Artificial Intelligence Education Contents using Google Apps Ji-Yeon Hong and Jung-Ho Park Korea National University of Education, Chin-ju National University of Education
Who promotes incivility? Finding features of partisan news based on BERT and Random Forest Youn-Jung Park, In-Jae Lim, So-Young Kim, and Se-Young Lee Sungkyunkwan University
Design of Sundanese Script Detection Based on Deep Learning using Roboflow and YOLO Handoko Supeno, Dwi Yanto Subastian, Mellia Liyanthy, and Muhammad Tirta Mulia Pasundan University